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Al Shabab Club

  • Location : Al Batinah


The Club was named “Al Shabab” after the merging the two clubs Barkaa Club and Wady Al Mawil in 2003.
In 2006, Al Shabab Club was among the four potential clubs to be qualified to the premier league to which it was actually qualified in 2007.

Board of Directors’ Members

Chairman: Mr. Suliman Bin Hamoud Albosaedy
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Badr Bin Malek Al Mawili
Secretary: Mr. Mahmoud Bin Mohamed Al Faresy
Treasurer:Mr. Khaled Bin Abdullah Al Yahmadi                                                                                                                                                   


Mr. Faiasl Bin Abdullah Al Faresy
Mr. Khaled Bin Mohamed Al Faresy
Mr. Salem Bin Saed Al Falahy
Mr. Badr Bin Saed Al Harasy
Mr. Aboud Bin Mnein Al Khoseiby


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