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Beach Soccer Team to head to Malaysia for Asian Beach Soccer Cup


The Oman National Beach Soccer Team, under coach Talib Hilal, head  to the Asian Beach Soccer Cup in Kuala Lumpur this March.


Before the tournament begins, there will be a draw in which the teams will be placed into three groups. The first tier of the most highly seeded teams contains Oman, Japan and Iran. The second tier consists of Lebanon, UAE and Bahrain.


The third and fourth tiers contain Uzbekistan, China and Iraq and Thailand Qatar respectively. The draw is completed by the 5th level with Afghanistan, Malaysia and Myanmar in the mix.


The Beach Soccer team has had two camps in preparation for the tournament and are expected to do well at the Asian Stage for the Sport.


Coach Talib Hilal has worked on tactical, technical and physical aspects in the camps and the team is well prepared.


The results of the Beach Soccer Cup Draw will be declared tomorrow.

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