Al Rustaq Club

Established in 1968, Al Rustaq Club is one a major club at Al Batna region and a key permanent participant to OFA competitions. Al Rustaq Club is the main sports destination for the youth where they easily practice all their favorite games.

Al Rustaq Club organizes many annual events including:

Celebration of Religious Occasions

This is to celebrate religious occasions and remind the community of the lessons deduced therefrom. Key occasions include the Prophet Muhammad`s Birth, Immigration and Night of Ascension, the month of Ramadan and Hajj.

Ramadan Charity

A social initiative aiming to help the needy families better their life conditions throughout the month of Ramadan. In application of religious preaching, this is carried out through the provision of financial and in-kind aids. In practice for 9 years the project serves about one thousand families throughout the governorate.

Summer Educational Centers

Established 14 years ago, Al Rustaq Club Summer Educational Centers provide educational and entertainment to participating female and male students. Usually male classes are held in mos ed for other sports and entertainment activities.

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