Al Mussanah Club

Al Mussanah Club, which was founded on 15/1/1972 and registered on 26/6/2002, is one of the deep-rooted clubs in the Sultanate. It is considered as a main tributary for the national teams. The Club`s name will always be remarkable in the football field specially in the 70`s and 80`s as Ali Bin Ismail, one of the greatest players then, says that the Club had the most impressive football team in Oman and it was a good representative of Al Batinah football in the Omani League.

Al Mussanah Club was originally founded in the sixties of the last century in Kuwait just like most of the Sultanate clubs. It was founded by a number of the Al Batinah`s citizens who then returned to Oman and established the Club in Al Mussanah Al qadima (ancient Mussanah) under the name of "Al Fath Club". After that, all the Batinah teams, including "Al Salam", "Al Raed", "Al Muladdah", and "Al Nour", were gathered in one Club which was named after the province "Al Mussanah". This lead to the registration of Al Mussanah Club which was chaired then by the national singer Abdullah AlSafrawy who was Al Mussanah football team`s goal keeper as well. Since then, Al Mussanah Club improved step by step until it became Al Batinah`s most notable club and its good representative.

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