Al-Khaburah Club

Al-Khaburah Club, which was founded on 30/3/1972 and registered on 26/6/2002, is one of the great clubs competing for the Omani League title. Al-Khaburah Club is concerned with all age groups including juniors and youths. In addition, Al Khaburah Club participates in the various sports competitions and programs held by the sports associations and the Ministry of Sports Affairs.

President Emeritus:

Sheikh Fahd Bin Sultan Al-Hosny, the President Emeritus of Al-Khaburah Club, is one of the Club`s important and supportive figures who supported all the achievements of the Club, most notably, winning the GCC Junior Football Cup for Clubs twice.

Main Achievements:

Winning the GCC Junior Football Cup for Clubs in 2003 and 2004.
Winning the second place (runner-up) for the same in 2000.
In addition to winning the second place in His Majesty`s youth Cup in 2002, the third place in the same in 2001, and winning the title of the Junior football league.

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