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Sur Club was founded on 03/10/1972. It was re-registered on 26/06/2002. Sur Sports Club is one of the most outstanding famous clubs in the Sultanate carrying the name of Sur province. So, the Club had to match Sur`s sea and sky. Its achievements had to be promoted unto the level of this name to be one of the top clubs in Oman. Although the Club was founded in 1972, its real start was in 1962, where it had exercised its activities in Kuwait under the name of "Al-Ithad" club before it came back to the Sultanate carrying the name of Sur. Since then, the Club has started to undertake its roles in supporting the young people`s talents and hobbies. Because football is the top popular game in the world, the children of Sur have shown great interest in it. Therefore, they gave the most splendid achievements which were kept in minds of Sur Club`s fans. Winning the Sultan Qaboos Cup was first start of achievements. It was the first Club to win the first version of the Cup in 1972. After twenty years, the Club got its glories back when it won the Sultan Qaboos Cup in 1992. Since then, achievements have come successively to crown its championships with wining the Public Premier League Shield within two successive seasons: 94/95 and 95/96, filling the heart of its fans with joy and gladness, writing its success story with golden letters. In 1994, in Dawhat El-Kheir Center the Club confirmed its brilliance in the Omani Football world when they were crowned with the GCC`s championship of the kids football of under the age of 18 after they had won the kids championship all over Oman. Then, the national team came third for two successive years throughout the gulf states in 1996 and 1997. In addition, the team won Ash Sharkqiyah Region championship in the season of 83/84. Besides, the Club participated in other activities throughout Ash Sharkqiyah Region, such as: volleyball, tennis and athletics.

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