Khasab Club

Khasab Club is one of the deep-rooted clubs in the Sultanate and in Musandam. It participates in various sports events and competitions held by the sports associations. The Club was founded in 23/4/1972 and registered in 26/2/2002. Since its establishment, the Club has been contributing in various sports programs and competitions held by the sports associations; as well as the Ministry of Sports Affairs` events and programs such as the "Summer of Sports" program, the Omani traditional sports and many other sports events

Khasab Club participates in various sports events and competitions with the aim of using spare time of the youth who exceeded 400 participants annually in different sports; the most important events during the past years are:

  • Age groups league in:
    Football, Handball, Volleyball, Table tennis, juniors and youths swimming, junior and youth football school.
    Omani league and associated competitions:
  • His Majesty`s Football Cup in 2006 and 2007.
  • Omani Football League (second division) in seasons 2004/2005, 2005/2006 and 2006/2007.
  • Omani Handball League in season 2004/2005, winning the second division shield and gained promotion into the first division. In the current season (2008/2009) the Club`s football team is in the fourth place so far.
  • Winning the first place in the Table Tennis Champion at the Governorate level and not less than the fourth place at the Sultanate level.
  • Annually open swimming race (General- Levels)
  • Bicycles race.
  • Traditional sports.
  • Athletics competitions:
    (Cross Country Running Race, high-long jump competition, Shot Put and Relay Race (100m-200m) and Race (100m- 200m-300m-400m-500m).
  • "Summer of Sports" program which has been activated in the Club since its start in 2006.
    Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Handball, Canoeing, Swimming, Shooting, Cycling, Table Tennis and traditional sports.
  • Winning the first place in the His Majesty`s Youths Cup at the governorates level.
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