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Football was started in Ruwai in 1986, in addition to the other popular games, by a group of the locals. Like the other areas, football was started at schools and streets where some football teams were formed.

Locals of Ruwai have held several football events. Afterwards, they thought of forming and unifying one team which was able to represent Ruwai by the name of Ahli Ruwai. Friendly matches were held with other teams in the area; such as El-Alam Al-Ahmar and El-Tayran in Muscat; Ahli Sedab, Kasem Abdulreda School, Matarh, Jabruh, Bejli, Guadiz Sport in Muttrah; in addition to the military teams in Ghala and Bayt Al-Falaj. Besides, the foreign battleships which visited the Sultanate at that time.

On 23rd of July 1970, Bashayer El-Nahda Club and the clubs carrying the name "Ahli" appeared. After exerting too many efforts, a compromise were reached to select a title carrying the name of our beloved country, Ruwai. Ruwai Club has been registered, and now it has its own management, rules, emblem, headquarters and uniform; in addition to a number of young people groups in different activities: sports, culture, arts and society.


Ruwai Club has performed many achievements. Ruwai Club has led the way among Muscat clubs in the season of: 72/73, 73/74, 74/75, 75/76, 76/77, and 77/78. Also, Ruwai Club led the way in Sultan Qaboos Cup seasons of: 73/74, 74/75, 77/78.
In addition, Ruwai Club performed many achievements during the Premier League for the seasons of: 77/78 and 81/82.
Ruwai came third in the Premier League during the seasons of: 79/80 and 80/81.
Ruwai won the Premier League Shield in the season of 78/79.
Ruwai won the Premier League Shield in the season of 2002/2003.
Ruwai won Sultan Qaboos Cup in 2002/2003.
Ruwai won two championships in one season. It was the first club to qualify for the Premier League and win the championship.

    Ruwai Club was founded in 1972.Ruwai Club has been presided over by many presidents who contributed to promoting the club. Such presidents are:
  • Mohamed bin Said bin Said Lelam (72);
  • Salem bin Mohamed bin Salem Lelam (73);
  • Hamoud bin Salem bin Matar Al-Abri (74-76)
  • Abdul Rahman Hassan Laawam (78-81);
  • Mohamed bin Said bin Hassan Lelam (77);
  • Mousa bin Mohamed bin Ali Laawam (82-84);
  • Mahfouz bin Ali bin Nasser (God rest his soul) (85-88);
  • Ali bin Khalifa bin Ali Lelam (89);
  • Salem bin Said bin Salem Al-Wehibi (90-99);
  • Sheikh Khaled bin Said bin Salem Al-Wehibi (2000-2002).

In 2003, the Club was incorporated to Al-Busatn Club under the name of Muscat Club. Now the club is giving many achievements in different sports.

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