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Fanja Club

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  • Telephone : 25360011
  • Location : Ad Dakhiliyah

The Club was established in 1970. The Club logo represents an Omani Castle looking like a cup on which the Sultanate map, a ball and a torch inside a green circle is drawn. This refers to the integration of old and modern games. It also highlights our adherence to traditional heritage while the ball refers to the importance of this game among the activities of the club. The torch, moreover, refers to peerless cultural activities of the members.

Number and Date of Registration: 1971

Fanja Club achievement of the Gulf Club Champions Cup remains the only achievement of the Sultanate clubs in this Cup as Fanja players played very well, so they deserved winning the title. Many elements and motives helped them win this title including the great domestic achievements, the great performance of Fanja in its many participations, specifically the last participation at that time in which the team won the fourth position in the sixth Arab Champions League at Sharjah October 1988. In July 1989, the club performed very well and came at the top of the third group in the ninth AFC Champions League Qualifications. There are other elements including successful and careful management that provided all the necessary requirements. This management was headed by mr, Khaled Bin Hamad Albosaidi. There was also a moral element which was important in these achievements that all players and management members felt indebted to mr, Sami Bin Hamad Albosaidi.

The seventh GCC Champions League was held on the Bahrain National Stadium hosted by Al Muharraq Club August 1989. At that time, the GCC Champions League was settled on its current system that requires gathering in one country and playing a league of one round. The team scoring the highest points holds the title. But, when two teams score the same points, they hold a playoff match to determine the winner. It’s also surprising that three teams had the same point score in this Championship, what a victory the Fanjas achieved! And how they were able to win the title!


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