His Majesty`s Cup

An Overview of His Majesty Cup

His Majesty Sultan Football Tournament Cup has witnessed, throughout its history of about five decades, many historical events and junctures from its inception under the name of “Qaboos Cup” and playing on dusty football fields, to the evolution of its competition model particularly with regard to home and away games in playoffs, as well as some technical passages in the final games.
The Inception:1
The first edition of the Qaboos Cup was launched in 1972 featuring 8 football clubs and the champions of the edition were Al-Ahli Club (currently known under the name of Ahli Sidab) that won over Oman Club, one of the most deep-rooted Sultanate clubs and its first officially publicized club. That day, the country’s Sovereign Leader handed the cup to the champions and he ensured to deliver it himself until the beginning of the current millennium, to champions of both Football and Hockey Cups at the same time.
The Cup used to take place on dusty fields and some clubs used to come to Muscat by ships along with players and fans, until 1978 when the finals were played on Royal Oman Police Stadium.
The competition was first known under the name of “Qaboos Cup” and that changed into its current name, “His Majesty Sultan Cup”, in 1978 during its seventh edition. Added to that, a new cup was designed and in order to win, a team must be the champion for 3 or 4 nonconsecutive years. As well, the competition system was modified, and draw and knockout were introduced.
The first champions of the Cup were Al-Ahli during the 13th edition in 1984, after winning for three consecutive years; it was the first club to ever win His Majesty Cup. Unfortunately, the last time this club won the precious cup was in 1988 while currently, it is forgotten in the Second Division after it has been merged with Sidab Club. The second club to ever win the Cup was Fanja SC during the 16th edition in 1987, after winning for three consecutive years; and the third club that had the honor of winning His Majesty Cup, was Al-Seeb Club that won during the 27th edition in 1998. However, the last club to win the Cup was Dhofar Club in 2011 after winning for four nonconsecutive times, the last of which was in 2011.
The first clubs to participate in His Majesty Cup finals were Al-Ahli and Oman Clubs in 1972, when Al-Ahli won on Oman Club Football Field in 1974. The championship featured 32 clubs when it followed a regional system for the first time. The first game to ever be played on a grass field took place in 1976 on the Police Stadium between Fanja SC and Al-Orouba SC, and the 14th edition in 1985 witnessed the first finals played on the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex known as Boshar, between Fanja SC and Al-Ahli Club, the champions of which were Fanja.
The championship was first played home and away, in the semi-finals, during the 26th edition in 1997.
In 2004, group stages were applied for the first time whereas in 2007, the knockout system was adopted in the finals. In 2004, group stages were applied for the first time whereas in 2007, the knockout system was adopted.

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