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 Oman Football Association is considered the biggest sports association in the Sultanate and 43 clubs representing various states of the provinces of the Sultanate fall under its hammer.

Although football is practiced in the Sultanate since the beginning of last century when the British introduced the game to the Arabian Gulf region through their military garrisons. However, the Omani Football is documented with the first sporting club which was founded in the Sultanate which is Oman Club that was founded in 1942 and was known then by the name of Maqboul Club.

With the advent of the modern state of Oman and with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – God protect and look after him- taking office in Oman in July 23, 1970 most clubs of the Sultanate were officially declared and the rational government starting with the year 1971 in organizing its various official tournaments especially the Cup of the His Majesty the Sultan and Regional League tournaments under the auspices of the Youth Affairs Department in the Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs then, in addition to the participation of the first ranking football team internationally and represented particularly in the Gulf Football Cup beginning with the third session in Kuwait in 1974.

In 1978 the first Omani Football Association was founded and the first Board of Directors of the Association was appointed under the chairmanship of the late His Highness Sayyid / Faisal bin Ali Al Said – Minister of National Heritage and Culture then – this Council continued for more than five years before the re-declaration of the Omani Football Association officially on June 26 in the year 1983 a.d. according to the Ministerial Decree No. 41/83 and based on the Royal Decree No: 42/82 which related to issuing the law of private organizations working in the sports field. His Highness Sayyid / Haitham bin Tariq Al Said – the current Minister of Heritage and Culture – is considered the first President of the Governing Council of the Omani football Association after its declaration.

Since the Association was founded in 1978, and in the same year became a member in the both Arab and international (FIFA), where it joined  the membership of the two Federations immediately after its establishment before joining in 1980 the membership of the Asian Football Federation. As the days passed, the Statute of the Omani Football Association was established plus the organizational structure of its constituencies, its workforce and for the various local tournament it organized, and for teams that represent the game in the Sultanate and participate in various regional, continental and international competitions. There are five major teams which are the first team and the Olympic team under 23 years old and youth team under 19 years old, and young teams under 16 years old and the bud team under 14 years old. They are supported by the Sultanate clubs which compete with each other in league competitions in its various levels and age groups in addition to the competition of the Cup of His Majesty.

Oman Football was able in the past period to achieve significant development at both the regional, national and continental levels that made it to be admired at Gulf, Arab and Asian levels where the national teams participating in various football forums and major football tournaments played the principal roles and the Omani football even reached to the top of its international achievements by reaching the Fourth place in the World Cup for Youth teams in Ecuador in 1995.

30 August 2007 is a very important date in the pages of Omani football history when on this date the first official elections in the sultanate to form the first elected Board of Directors for the football association in the presence of FIFA regional representative was held, where the overall vision for the development of the Omani football into a thriving industry presented by Sayyid Khalid Bin Hamad bin Hamoud Al Busaidi won the confidence of the general assembly of the Association and he was elected as the Association Chairman of the Board of Directors for the next four years with the rest of his fellow members who were elected on that memorable day when the Omani football entered a new era of development phase through the introduction of scientific programs and modern systems in the administrative work and creating a marketing committee for the competitions and for teams in addition programs for the development of competitions and increasing the financial incentives for clubs, the establishment of a website for the Association and re-establishing the draft objective and the reopening of football schools and other strategies and plans that are either understudy or that will enter the implementation phase.

The Chairman was re-elected was a second term in 2011.  Whilst in 2012, after electoral dispute, the Chairman was elected into office once again.  In the first 4 year term of office Oman won its historic first Gulf Cup – on home soil in 2009 – and made significant progress in many areas.

2012 saw the opening of the new OFA Performance Centre, a National Sponsors joining the National Team – Oman Air – and great success in achieving qualification for the final stages of qualification for the FIFA World Cup 2014.
Plans for the future include investment in the Club game, the structure around the National Teams, and the grassroots development of the sport.  2013 saw the new Under 14 National Team play its first game.

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