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Ahmed Al-Rashdi takes part in a legal seminar on the Corona pandemic and its implications for football


Mr. Ahmed bin Al Rashedi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Omani Football Association and Chairman of the Committee on the Status of Players, participated in the symposium that was implemented through visual communication organized by the Adel Al Junaibi Law Firm and Legal Consultations and with the participation of a group of specialists from the UAE Football Association and other football federations and a group of legal professionals About the Corona pandemic and its implications for football
Al-Rashedi reviewed the experience of the Omani Football Association in these circumstances, as he said:
On the 18th of last March, the Omani Football Association held an emergency meeting to study the issue and put points on the letters regarding this pandemic. The main goal of the federation was not to cause harm to either clubs or players, and we decided then.
Suspending the Omantel League until September as a preliminary measure until knowing what the situation will lead to, in coordination with the Supreme Committee, which is a governmental committee concerned with following up the status of the epidemic of Covid 19, charged with examining the mechanism of dealing with the Corona pandemic.
He added: Our goal was to reach the least damage and we excluded the idea of reducing salaries because the position of our league is somewhat different from the rest of the world’s patrols, where we have only three rounds left, and we suspended the league to complete it in August or September and this was the decision without naturally affecting the players ’contracts, and Al-Rashedi continued :

Some clubs and before the outbreak of the disease frequently, they made a clearance with the players, considering the travel conditions were available at the time, as it decided to complete the remaining matches in the season with the remaining local players of the season with the local players, and a number of professionals remained in the Sultanate because of their inability to travel to their home countries because of the spread of the epidemic, where The Union has set its course on it in order not to harm all parties.
Al-Rashedi went on to say:
After completing the remaining Senseer matches with the FIFA Confederation and seeing it, I would like to note that the Omani Football Association decided to cancel the leagues of the stages and kept the Cup competition, Omantel League and First Division League only.
He continued: We are currently searching for a medical institution that follows clubs, whose role lies in making the necessary procedures related to medical examinations for players and administrators, and this matter was not used before Corona, and we are also working to change contracts and align them according to the current circumstances.
In the event that the Union receives any complaint in light of the current situation linked to the epidemic. But praise be to God, we have not yet reached something like that, and the federation has not taken any action to reduce salaries, and Al-Rashedi concluded his intervention by saying: Here I would like to point out that the amounts that were stopped from March 13 will be completed with the beginning of the training.

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