Omantel League

An Overview of the Omantel League in the Sultanate of Oman

The first certified edition of the Football League in the Sultanate was launched during the season of 1970/1971. School and institutions teams and clubs participated in this championship and the final game was between Al Saidiya School, the first, oldest and most ancient school in Oman, and Al-Ahli Club, when Al-Ahli won with a score of 2-1 and got the first title of the League. This victory was so important that the club was considered as winning the League and the Cup.
This first competition launched many next competitions which were naturally and clearly crowned with success. Later on and in the next season of 1971/1972, the regional system emerged, as playoffs were held between different regions then qualified regions, the number of which was ten teams in that season, would reach the final stage. The games of the final stage were played under the knockout system, and Al-Taliya and Ruwai (currently known as Muscat Club) Clubs were then qualified for the final game that was played on Al-Seeb Sports Stadium, and the champions of which were Al-Taliya.
The same system was adopted in the season of 1972/1973 and clubs could participate in both, the League and the Cup championships through regional playoffs. As well as before, ten teams qualified for the final stage. The participating teams gathered in Al-Seeb and the game was played under the knockout system. Sur and Dhofar Clubs qualified for the final game and the game ended with a 5/3 final score for Sur SC that won both titles.
In the season of 1973/1974, competition has intensified among teams which increased the public turnout. There has been no significant change in the championship system while Fanja and Ruwai Clubs qualified for the final game that ended in favor of Fanja SC that scored four goals.
Afterwards the league proceeded and a separate and independent League championship was established in the season of 1977/1978. The Clubs of Oman, Sidab, Muttrah, Ruwai, Fanja, Sur, Al-Taliya, Al-Orouba, Samail and Al-Masnaa all participated in this League and Fanja SC won the title once again along with the Cup.
In the season of 1978/1979, the system remained the same and Ruwai Club won the title. Dhofar and Al-Nasr Clubs participated in the League’s next season that adopted the same system of one stage when Al-Nasr Club won the title. The League’s events and competitions continued and its system witnessed many changes and adopted, once again, the regional system, then the League’s system of two stages that remained in place until the season of 2015/2016 that witnessed the third edition of the Professional League after its first and second editions have shown high technical and organizational levels. This season was characterized by high professionalism and exceptionalism as these features started to invade every detail of the clubs work, and Fanja SC won the season.

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