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Private schools female league finals.


 Schools females League Futsal finals was held in bousher sports complex .organized by Oman Football Association in collaboration with the Directorate General of Private Schools and the Ministry of Education during the period from February 27 until March 13 with the participation of 10 schools.

The closing ceremony was held under his excellence Mohsin bin Hamad bin Ali Almsrora with the presence of a number of officials in the association and the Ministry of Education and school administrators to participate and those interested in women's football and the media.

The winners of the league :

First place: muscat international school.

Second: place choufat private school.

Third place: Jeffer bin Julanda private school. 

 Aisha said girl Abdullah Al Jabri responsible female activities Football in oman football association: We are proud today that we were able to establish a lot of competition for females footballers where we have organized a lot of events, including sessions and meetings of trainings and tournaments, festivals and a lot of programs, and today we are proud more with the success of the first edition of the league schools for females, I think we have achieved the goal that we strive for, to strengthen women's football in the community culture and discover a lot of talent, and she said: There is no doubt that further work in this area will contribute to the consolidation of the concept of women's football and I see it grow and develop day by day, I hope that we organize a lot of events in the future and I hope to participate in foreign tournaments and make advance centers for women’s football. 

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