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Super Cup


A lot about a team’s football season is decided by how things consistently shape out over the course of a season but very often a season can be defined by one game. The Super Cup, which is the curtain-raiser for the 2014-15 season, is one such opportunity. It is a match of champions of the season gone past, but also that of rivals as both these teams have won their respective championships by besting the other.

As Al Nahda and Fanja Clubs face off to begin the new season in the Super Cup, both teams will not have to look far back, the last season itself is a glowering example as to how important this match can be for both sides.

Al Nahda won the league, taking strong momentum into the final weeks of the league with 8 wins in their last 10 games leaving behind Fanja, who were top at the 19th and then falling just behind in the subsequent rounds. The Fanja players will certainly have it in their minds to make up for that as much as their opponents will look to cement their status as champions of Oman’s first season with a professional league (Omantel Professional League).

The HM Cup, currently considered Oman’s most prestigious trophy had a slightly different story to tell however. It was Fanja and Al Nahda that met again in the final but this time the men in yellow emerged victorious, lifting the trophy to end the season on a high note. 

It could not be a better script for the Super Cup, both champions of last season meeting to lay down a marker and make a statement for the next.

As the new season dawns, perhaps it is best to see what each team has that is new to offer to the fans in comparison to the resources they had last time around.

All of this makes the Super Cup a rather exciting proposition with there being everything to play for between two extremely motivated and refreshed teams. Who will lay down the marker and get off to an impressive start for the season, we can only know after this Super Cup  round before being level on points

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